i love what this person has to say. (it’s really, really long, otherwise i would just reblog it) it’s honest, refreshing, candid. and it was so nice to read, because i agree with so much of what she says. i don’t expect anyone to read it, or agree with it. at all. i guess i’m really just posting this here for myself. i’m so incredibly sick of judgmental, hypocritical, hateful, angry christians… because, like i’ve said before, it’s so the opposite of what our faith is about. they just get it so wrong. like this lovely person said in her post, when jesus was on this earth, he was all about humility, love, and helping others. he didn’t care about appearances or mistakes, he loved people wholeheartedly. and instead of trying to be like that, christians do the opposite. which doesn’t make sense to me. and what’s worse is - they give off this horrid impression to the world of what christianity is. it’s sad, isn’t it? breaks my heart.

a little story: my parents are church-going, christ-loving people… and there is a mosque opening up next door to their church. other churches have suggested that they all protest and picket and cause an uproar (because how dare a different religious group come anywhere near a christian church. goodness no!) the pastor of my mom & dad’s church would just shake his head and say, “you say you’re all christian churches… but you certainly don’t act like christians, do you? it’s a shame…” he walked across the parking lot the next sunday, with his congregation, and made friends with the people of the mosque. lending helping hands, making them all feel welcomed. everyone exchanged kind, friendly, warm words with each other. and i think that is so beautiful… because that is what my faith is all about. kindness. compassion. helping others. love.

i will take the cute dress and the cute guy, thank you.

Title: Moth's Wings
Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Manners
Plays: 130


Moth’s Wings- Passion Pit.

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one of my favourite photos ever.

Title: I Follow Rivers
Artist: Lykke Li
Album: Wounded Rhymes -
Plays: 20


Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers


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